Welcome to Community United Church of Christ Fresno.

“Community UCC is an inclusive and progressive Christian church doing social justice, environmental faithfulness, interfaith collaboration and spritual formation.”

—Dr. Chris Breedlove, Pastor

We believe that God is still speaking to all of us today:pride parade 9

  • Inviting us to know that God loves each of us, where we are right now, no matter where our journey has taken us.
  • Drawing us toward a way of life that is more healthy and whole, for us and for our planet.
  • Leading us – sometimes beyond our comfort zones – to new ways of loving our neighbors.

Join us as we keep trying to listen for God’s still speaking voice!

  • 0595e2e6-bf84-4c79-9d70-32d2a5f6c223We are a diverse family of faith
  • Different races and ethnicities;
  • Gay, straight and transgender;
  • Single, married, divorced and widowed;
  • A wide range of ages and socio-economic statuses;
  • People of various physical and mental abilities.
  • Is all that neat and orderly? No, but we treasure the messy but vibrant ways that God works in our community. Come and see!

Behaviorial Covenant

Community UCC upholds these principles quoted from the First Congregational UCC Boise, Idaho.

Because of the love of the church and with the help of God, 

we affirm our commitment to the following attitudes and behaviors

  • To create a safe environment, I will uphold the dignity of each person in our congregation, including our church leaders. I will consider the impact of my words and actions on others as I seek to make our church a safe place for all.
  • My communication with others will be timely, direct, honest, open and sensitive, even as I may disagree with another’s assumptions, opinions, and decisions.
  • I will accept differences. While I may have strong opinions, I acknowledge that others do also. I will embrace the diversity in our spiritual family, imagine other perspectives and be enriched by these differences.
  • I understand that conflict is a part of life, including life in the church. I will accept disagreement and conflict as inevitable and an opportunity for personal and church growth. I will concentrate on issues and problems, rather than personalities. I will avoid gossip.
  • I understand that our church stays strong as each person is heard and as we seek the consensus of all our congregants. I will exercise personal patience and encourage healthful processes to work.
  • I will engage in self-reflection and prayer, seeking ways that my presence will serve as a blessing on our church and its people. I will seek God’s guidance and grace to listen attentively and to remain open to visions that God holds for us. I will encourage prayer at the beginning of church meetings and when decisions of the church and its various bodies are made.

As I serve on a board or committee, I will refrain from making decisions that benefit only myself. I will seek decisions that will benefit the entire congregation.